Chicken Saltimbocca with goat's cheese

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Delicious and light version of the classic saltimbocca: light chicken breast with smoothie melted goat's cheese and salty taste of prosciutto

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Cheesecake with Ricotta Maremma

You're looking for a special gift to surprise your Valentine? Instead of jewels and flowers try this special and delicious cheesecake to demonstrate your love. Don't forget: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach (guilty for a woman's heart too).

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Cheesecake with Ricotta, Caciotta, pears and leek

A delicious salty cake that combines the creamy taste of the two types of cheeses with the sweet taste of pear and the rustic taste of leek. Serve it as main dish with salad or as side dish to a roasted chicken.

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Green Raviolis with tomato sauce

Green raviolis with ricotta filling is a famous and delicious Italian receipt. The high quality and the compact structure of our ricotta render possible this receipt that use as filling only ricotta. 

Thanks to its characteristic taste and texture the filling doesn’t drain off if the raviolis gets open while cooking them. The creamy soft taste of the ricotta is the perfect pairing for the aromatic taste of the spinach dough and the sweet tomato sauce.

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Our cheeses on several occasions!

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A wedding cake made from different cheese is a perfect surprise on a wedding buffet or also a very special gift for bride and groom. The wide range of cheeses offered by the cheese fabric Caseificio Maremma have much going for several tastes for wedding cakes, birthday cake, anniversary cakes...

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Try our new creations: Fennel and Onion

We are very proud to present you our newest creations: 




Try these two very different tastes and you will be surprised! Enjoy the rustic taste of the pecorino with onion with a fresh beer or try instead the delicate pecorino with fennel with a glass of white or sparkling wine. In every case it will be a culinary and uncommon adventure!

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