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Caseificio Maremma is a factory that produces Italian cheeses like Pecorino, Mixed cheeses and Ricotta. The company is created in 1966 by Fortunato Spadi who works till now with his great passion for cheese in his company, now together with his sons Simone e Emanuele. The company starts with Ricotta but with the passing years the offer was growing and today you will find a rich choice of different high quality cheeses. 

Learn more about our company: On this page you will find information about our history, our present and the Maremma, the countryside where we produce our cheeses. 


The certification site informs you about all the important certifications we proudly own. We are always be keen to offer you high qualified products like PDO and products for any kind of diet like organic or vegetarian. 

You can download the certifications from the protected Download page. For the password contact us.

Our cheeses

Caseificio Maremma offers you a big choices of high qualified and delicious Italian cheeses. You can find seven categories of cheeses: the pure sheep's milk cheeses (Pecorino), the pure sheep's milk cheeses with special ingredients (New Tastes), the mixed cheeses that are from sheep's and cow's milk (Mixed), the organic sheep's milk cheeses (Organic), goat's milk cheese (Goat) and lactose reduced cheese (Lactose free) and the Ricotta.


Our news will inform you about all the important changes and experiences we made. We will let you know when there is a new cheese or when you can meet us on a fair or you can find information about our experiences on some fairs we have been visited.

Contact us

For any further information you can contact us by email or phone.


On this protected site you can download documents like technical details, certifications and photos. All you need is the password, that you can receive by contacting us.

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The products of our company are created for any type of costumers from children to the elderly, obviously except those who suffer from intolerance or allergy to one of the ingredients in the  label. The only allergenic ingredient in all of our products is lactose though we also produce flavored cheeses with the allergenic ingredients walnuts, pistachio, chocolate (lecithin of soya) and refined cheeses with the allergenic products walnut or straw (possible presence of gluten).  To amplify our range of costumers we obtain the authorization to produce cheeses with lower content of lactose (Atto del 29/05/14 Prot. 15416). Therefor we can confirm that, except for strong lactose allergy that includes also lowest content of lactose (<0,1%), we have no limitation for this kind of product.  The flowchart of this cheese differs in traditional cheese just in the point of adding lactase with the dairy cultures.

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headquarters & factory:
Via del Commercio, 103 (Z.I.)

58022 Follonica (GR) 

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F. +39 0566 57222

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cheese produced with Italian milk