The cheeses from caseificio maremma


The cheeses are made with sheep's milk. Some of our offered cheeses are made with sheep's milk from the PDO (DOP) Tuscany area. We offer cheeses with different aging (different in time and method), structure, tastes, dimensions and colorations.

Mixed Cheeses

Our mixed cheese are made with sheep's and cow's milk and offer a delicious taste of milk. The gentle flavor of this combination makes our mixed cheeses so special. They're perfect pure or melted.

New Taste

Caseificio Maremma is always looking for new and innovated ideas for new cheeses. The results of our creativity is reflected in these cheeses. The offer is wide and divided in refined and aromatic cheeses.


Everyone to his taste.


A fresh and soft cheese for many preparations and also pure or with some honey. We offer three types of ricotta: made with sheep's milk, made with sheep's and cow's milk and one with addition of cream.


The production of organic cheeses are our contribution to the nature, the care for the health of animals and human beings. The offer is increasing with the request and we hope it will be growing forward. 


The goat's milk cheese is a cheese that gets always more important on the international market. Its special characteristics and its high digestibility makes it an interesting cheese for many lactose intolerant costumers too. 

Lactose free

Unfortunately not everyone can enjoy eating milk products because of the lactose content. So we decided to add a lactose free cheese in our offer, that is as good as the lactose one but available for everyone.


Caseificio Maremma has always been a company with high standards. Thanks to the certification we are maintaining we can show the Quality standards to our customers. We're proud to be in the possess of permission to produce PDO (DOP), Marking CE and organic.

The products of our company are created for any type of costumers from children to the elderly, obviously except those who suffer from intolerance or allergy to one of the ingredients in the  label. The only allergenic ingredient in all of our products is lactose though we also produce flavored cheeses with the allergenic ingredients walnuts, pistachio, chocolate (lecithin of soya) and refined cheeses with the allergenic products walnut or straw (possible presence of gluten).  To amplify our range of costumers we obtain the authorization to produce cheeses with lower content of lactose (Atto del 29/05/14 Prot. 15416). Therefor we can confirm that, except for strong lactose allergy that includes also lowest content of lactose (<0,1%), we have no limitation for this kind of product.  The flowchart of this cheese differs in traditional cheese just in the point of adding lactase with the dairy cultures.

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